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Portrait of Wende and CJ
Wende and CJ

Wende is walking the line between Western Medicine and Intuitive Healing. In working with Doctors and other health care professionals she is often torn between knowing how to heal the patient and maintaining the appropriates relationship with the doctors she works with as a Medical Assistant.

Some of the modalities that I use in my private consultations are listed below:

One of the most impressive discoveries is the Xanthone. The main source of this phytoceutical is the Mangosteen fruit from South East Asia, which contains over 45 different xanthones. The Mangosteen Fruit is very fragile and has only recently been available to the American public. The juice has been bottled under the name XanGo and is now available in 24 countries. To learn more go to:Mangosteen North West or on:

Simplexity Super Blue Green Algae Products products have been supporting me for the past 16 years as our major food supplement. It provides vitamins, minerals, and energy in a 100% Bio-Available format from one of the world's oldest food sources.

My most reliable assistant is my Chi Machine When I am doing my adjustments The Chi Machine is always there to relax and center my client and allow me to accomplish more in a shorter period of time. No wonder so many chiropractors, massage therapists and physical therapists are discovering this wonderful new alternative health tool.

Food allergies are rapidly becoming one of the most prevalent and yet misunderstood areas of health care at this time. With all the pollutants and chemicals in our food supply, more and more people are developing sensitivities and allergies to almost any kind of food. Just think of how many times you had heard about peanut allergies several years ago, and now in the past few years they have become a cause of death in people who are not aware of what went into the food they are eating. Take these simple tests at home and find out what may be your triggers to everything from fatigue to rashes or even more severe symtoms.

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